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How can I get exact location of some mobile phone?

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I want to know this, please give me more information.
asked 1 year ago by Coral Hudman

1 Answer

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You can't get a location of "some mobile phone" you can get locations of phones that have software installed for that purpose and that you have in the correct setup.Google Latitude when properly setup on phones will let you "see" locations of those phones you have set up. I would hate to have the ability of just anyone to locate just ANY cell phone. My privacy, your privacy, should NEVER be that violated. Big Brother comes to mind instantly and there are some technologies that just aren't really good these days!
In my mind, this particular application is one I can live without and ensuring it doesn't get installed on my phones is high on my list of things not to do!

answered 1 year ago by Tiffiny Brundage

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